How to Find the Best Plumber, Plumbing Products and Plumbing Advice(English, Paperback, Michael Quick)

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There are plenty of misleading books and TV shows available that make people think plumbing is simple and easy, as most consumers want to see quick solutions to complicated problems. Unfortunately, this approach often creates more problems than it solves; those who rely on oversimplified, misleading advice often end up making a bad situation worse. Sooner or later, (usually much later) people realize that good long-term results require proper research and attention to detail. With OnlinePlumbingAdvice.Com, Mike Quick provides honest, truly expert advice that focuses on issues like who you trust to work in your home, the quality of plumbing products installed, and the qualifications of the person you trust for plumbing advice. When Mike started his plumbing apprenticeship in 1969, he realized that working alongside a licensed plumber with over twenty- four years experience would provide an opportunity to learn details that often make the difference between good and bad long- term results. Attending plumbing classes at night and working with an experienced plumber during the day taught Mike to focus on details. As he continued his career, he always focused on details. Mike researched and monitored available plumbing advice for over two decades and took hand-written notes on what works and what doesn't, making OnlinePlumbingAdvice.Com a rare opportunity to learn important details about plumbing.
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