How to Get Multiple Adsense Accounts to Diversify and Reduce Your Risk from Getting Banned by Google

I have been told this is a million dollar question. Let’s see if it is đź™‚

Are you earning money from Google Adsense? How much? Do you plan on implementing the program in the near future?

I have been making a good amount of money online in various ways for years now.  I have not come across any program that is easier to implement and more effective than Google Adsense.

I recently wrote about getting the Google slap and getting banned from the Google Adsense programUnfortunately, it happens to even the best.  Even more unfortunate is that most of the time one can’t do much about it.

In the earlier post, I talked about the possibility of establishing multiple Google Adsense accounts.  In this post I hope to convey exactly how to.

Creating Multiple Google Adsense Accounts

It is true that you are not allowed to have multiple Google Adsense accounts under one email ID, Google account or social security number. So how do you get around this company policy legitimately?

You do this by first incorporating your online business and obtaining a separate employee identification number (EIN) for it.  Your business’ EIN is the equivalent of what your Social Security number is to you.  It is free to obtain and takes 5 minutes to fill out an online application.

Incorporating has several advantages such as liability protection and tax benefits of doing business.  As it pertains to Google Adsense, it benefits you by allowing you to use your unique EIN to establish a Google Adsense account for your business.

If you decide to create multiple online businesses and plan on generating revenues from Adsense on all of them, I recommend incorporating each website or blog as its separate business and therefore obtaining an EIN number for each.

You can incorporate your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for as little as $25 in some states such as Michigan.  You can hire an accountant or attorney to get this done for a relatively low cost, or you can do it yourself using legal services like Socrates for much less, under $60 from what I can remember from the last time I looked into it.

Because Google’s requirement includes having a separate payee name on each separate Adsense account, you can now use your business’ name as the Payee name to who Google will make all checks payable to.  If you prefer receiving direct deposits, you can open up a small business checking account at any major bank with a small deposit.

Your checking account will be under your business’ name and EIN, and all your income from that particular business, whether a website or blog, will go into your business bank account.  I recommend this business structure even if you have nothing to do with Adsense. It is just the most prudent way to do business in my opinion for many reasons.

Google and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Our Government (and most Governments) recognizes incorporated businesses are separate living and breathing entities just as it recognizes each person individually.  Because Google has to comply with the law, it allows you the same capability. You just need to execute cleanly on it.

At the end of the year, Google will issue you and your business(es) a 1099 tax form.  One form will be issued to you and each one of your businesses separately.  This form summarizes the aggregate payments made by Google to you and each of your businesses during the tax year. It is your responsibility to report these earnings when filling your income tax returns.

Go a Step Beyond and Notify Google

Google is notorious for making it difficult to contact them.  They make it even more difficult for you to hear back from them.  Regardless, this doesn’t mean that all your correspondences to Google go unnoticed. In fact, it’s just quite the opposite.

Google is dedicated to the greater good, and that is something they have made very clear from the beginning.  In my experience, they have walked every bit of the talk. I can only hope that continues to be the case.

I recommend notifying them of your intention to create multiple Google Adsense accounts legitimately for each of your businesses.  You may not hear back, but will have clearly communicated to Google in advance your clean intent. This goes a long way in itself.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are not capitalizing on Google Adsense, I strongly recommend that you take a hard look into it.  Adsense is a great way to increase your current online income, supplement existing streams of income on auto pilot or create your first one from scratch relatively easily. Using a program like Site Build It streamlines the entire process.  Read why SBI and Adsense are a match made in heaven here.

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